Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Life After RNY: The Third Month

I was going to add these pictures separately but accidentally deleted one so here you go!

Technically, I'm a smidge early on this one. January 3rd I will be 3 months out from my RNY. There are many days where I feel like I can't see any difference in my physical appearance from the weight loss, although many around me say they can definitely see a new me emerging. I decided to look through some of my older photos today, and now I can see it. I don't have a lot of full body shots, but these show how my face has changed since my surgery.

Now that I'm 3 months out and my mobility is returning, I'm anxious to get a serious exercise routine going. I've already got quite a bit of loose skin hanging off me and am starting to think that shapewear will be my new friend in 2013. I've gone from a snug 32W to a comfy (and getting looser each day) 26W. It's very tempting to buy some new clothes but I think I will wait until I've lost some more before worrying too much about that.
I still have days that I can't believe I did this. WLS is a dramatic and controversial choice. For years, I swore up and down that I would never resort to gastric bypass. Now I can say that I am so glad I did. I wonder what I'll look like as 2013 goes on. I've never been a healthy weight. It's exciting to see where this goes.
Happy New Year, dear readers! I hope it holds as much excitement for the future for you as it does for me.

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The Lazy Vegan said...

Hey, Mrs. P, I remember you! Congrats on the "new" (although I guess not so new now :-) ) addition to your family and on the WLS. I don't do much blogging myself these days but do check in now and then. Take care.